About me – Robert Clifton Storey Jr

Robert Clifton Storey Jr

Born in Detroit in the late fifties, I lived on the Eastside. While growing up in the Motor City, I loved to play games that relied on my imagination. I really enjoyed pretending to be a cowboy when I was very young. Westerns were big in those days, and I watched a lot of the Lone Ranger, Cheyenne, and Zoro. As I got a little older, I developed a fascination with space that bordered on obsession. The space race with the old Soviet Union was in full swing. I spent a lot of time pretending to be an astronaut. I enjoyed watching TV shows such as Lost in Space, Thunderbirds and Star Trek. All these shows help to grow my creativity. Later, we migrated all the way over to the Westside where I spent my rebellious teenage years—it was a crazy and foggy time.

In school, I found that I loved to write. I kept a notebook where I would experiment with small stories, a kind of doodling with words. Writing was a way to free my imagination and let it run wild. I thought books were the greatest invention ever made, and I still do. The first book that really affected me deeply was Flowers for Algernon. Later, I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings both of which started my love affair with the fantasy genre.

At twenty, I joined the service and was deployed aboard two Robert Clifton Storey Jrdifferent aircraft carriers, the USS Enterprise and then later on the USS Coral Sea (Both of which are decommissioned—man, I feel old!). I voyaged to such wondrous places as the Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. It was an awesome experience and a great personal adventure. I read constantly and would write every night for hours as the ship rocked gently in the middle of the ocean. I wrote a book that could be considered a prequel to Flight of the Vessel.

I was determined to complete my college degree, so after leaving the service, I enrolled at Western Washington University and studied English, Literature, and several writing styles such as novel, short story, and playwriting.

In search of better job opportunities, I left Washington State for Columbia, SC to help my family in their small businesses. And then a few years later, I move to Virginia to work for a small newspaper in the Shenandoah Valley as the director of technology responsible for technology strategies. I decided to start a family and I now have two wonderful sons.

I did manage to write a little here and there, but not as much as I would have liked. Wanting to improve my management skills, I went back to school to study business, earning a masters from a local college. It was about this time that began to write down some ideas for a book that would carry on the story I wrote on ship…and thus began the Vision Dream Series.

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