Flight of the Vessel – Paperback

Her destiny lies within a dream…Fight of the Vessel

The evil one may have ripped apart Angelterra’s homeland, murdered her family, and stolen away her carefree life, but he will never crush her determination to drive him out some day.

It is the morn of her nineteenth birthday when Angelterra, princess of Palzintine, finds her peaceful existence shattered by an invading horde. Shutharja, a sorcerer and cleric of the Fallen Spirits, has unleashed a war of plunder upon the kingdoms surrounding the Imperial Sea in his pursuit of ultimate power.

With her beloved homeland captured and her dear parents slaughtered, Angelterra and her personal protector, a lady knight named Jeela, must flee Palzintine. Whilst monstrous beasts and dark agents of the sorcerer hunt for the pair during their desperate flight, the two women try to find a way to reunite with the rest of their countrymen, who are now refugees, huddled in a neighboring kingdom.

Out of the need to survive, Angelterra slowly discovers how to employ the wondrous mysteries surrounding First Magic, learning what it means to bind with its essence and wield its power.

Meanwhile, during a Vision Dream, an intense spirit trance, the former princess of Palzintine is given a cryptic message to unravel. She is convinced that this message holds the key to defeating, once and for all, the evil which is Shutharja. And in her quest the find the answer, she comes to realize that she has been chosen to be the next holy Vessel.

Part One of the Vision Dream Series by Robert Clifton Storey Jr. Paperback edition.

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