Suzerain of the Beast

Suzerain of the BeastThe quest for the white tear begins here…

Her choices: follow her secret quest to save her people, rescue a lost and traumatized child, or hunt for a mysterious ancient monster. Or find a way to do all of them at once.

Convinced that an ancient bracelet has the power to show her the way to the next part of her vision dream quest, Princess Angelterra sets out on a perilous journey in search of the White Tear, a charm she hopes will help tip the balance in her people’s fight for survival against the malevolent sorcerer, Shutharja. At the urging of her magic and under the guidance of the bracelet, Angelterra sets off alone to an unknown destination somewhere among the mysterious northern kingdoms.

Along the way, the princess is adopted by a lost little girl. Out of compassion, the princess is moved to bring the child with her on her dangerous trek through the snow-covered lands of the North, hoping to reunite the child with the girl’s missing family.

Soon, she and her tiny ward find themselves enlisted to guide a grand expedition to capture a legendary and elusive monster. During this hunt, Angelterra is thrust into the crux of a great struggle for the heart and soul of the Suzerain of the Beast.


Meanwhile, her lady knight, Jeela, races against time to track down the princess of Palzintine before a king’s assassin finds her first, as Angelterra has become an unwitting pawn between two warring kingdoms. 

Suzerain of the Beast weaves multiple storylines into a rich tapestry of fantasy, adventure, and intrigue in this captivating tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Join Princess Angelterra as she confronts her inner demons, presses ahead in an effort to thwart the ever-present threat of the sorcerer Shutharja, and unravels the mysteries of her destiny in a realm where every decision carries profound consequences.




Suzerain of the Beast - strange child


Part Three of the Vision Dream Series by Robert Clifton Storey Jr.

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