A Forgotten Smile in Stone

This  side  of  the  coin…A Forgotten Smile in Stone

Through the enchantment of a magical medallion, Princess Angelterra is offered a pivotal choice: to bid farewell to her cherished home, Palzin, for the safer option of visiting her people in exile, or to head for that eerie island, the Isle of Snakes, thus commencing the most arduous phase of her personal quest. However, fate intervenes making the decision for her, when she and her companions are attacked by a colossal, three-headed, winged monster that nearly claims her life. Driven by a sense of duty, she gives chase to this hideous beast into a neighboring kingdom, intent on safeguarding the refugees of her homeland from this hellish creature.

Soon, she finds herself up against an unforeseen conundrum. Amidst this brand new, invisible and increasingly malevolent menace, Angelterra becomes locked in a fierce race against time, which has now become her greatest foe. She must journey to find a lifesaving substance that has the power to protect her people from this new, insidious threat. A threat capable of obliterating everyone in a matter of days. The stakes soar high as the fate of multiple kingdoms hinges upon her ability to overcome this new challenge.

Meanwhile, driven by an insatiable thirst for absolute conquest, the formidable sorcerer, Shutharja, gathers his dark forces at the very doorstep of the allied armies, plotting their ultimate destruction. 

Will she prevail in her venture against this new invisible danger to save her people, or will the dark army take this opportunity to triumph over her and her allies?

A Forgotten Smile in Stone - unexpected ride

Part four of the Vision Dream Series by Robert Clifton Storey Jr.

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