Call Forth the Sorrow

Call Forth the Sorrow

The relic’s guidance; sorrow’s key

On her return trip from the northern lands, Princess Angelterra stumbles upon a mysterious and revered holy relic which is safeguarded by a kindly, old monk. This relic is said to lead one to those suffering from sorrow to offer them comfort, and this sacred treasure resonates with her soul…and her magic.

While on a brief respite at her city of birth, within the pages of her mother’s newly found diary, she uncovers a new and totally unforeseen adventure: one to discover the true significance of the relic. Angelterra reluctantly comes to the realization that she must set aside her own private quest and leave her beleaguered home again to fulfill her mother’s old obligation regarding this ancient artifact. 

Angelterra, her knight protectorate, Jeela, and a youthful wizard companion set out on what should have been a simple reconnaissance mission, but it quickly turns perilous when they find themselves in the midst of a bustling enemy’s war camp. A cruel tracking sorcerer, one of High Sorcerer Shutharja’s minions, quickly gives chase riding upon a hideous, fire-breathing beast spawned in the depths of the hellpits.

During their harrowing escape, the princess and her small company are flung far off course by the enchantment of two dragon spirits. They suddenly find themselves transported to a lush, but unfamiliar, tropical island paradise…a place that will play a greater role in her new adventure than Angelterra first realizes. As they navigate each of the main islands of this exotic archipelago, guided by the relic, the trio is invited to attend a vast war celebration. At its high point, the festivities are abruptly interrupted and thrown into chaos by the sudden appearance of the tracking sorcerer and his unholy beast, both intent on capturing Angelterra and her companions.

Although the ultimate destination in this South Sea-like venture remains unclear to her, Angelterra forges ahead, trusting her heart, that the relic’s gentle guidance will lead her and her friends towards a vital discovery that may prove key in her struggle against Shutharja’s insatiable lust for conquest. 

Join Angelterra and her companions on a thrilling odyssey filled with magic, danger, discovery…and sorrow. Dare to follow the mysterious sacred relic of comfort and where it leads Angelterra in her quest to liberate the one thing that could save her homeland.

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Part four of the Vision Dream Series by Robert Clifton Storey Jr.

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