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A Forgotten Smile in Stone
♦️ The newly released Book 5 of the Vision Dream Series, A Forgotten Smile in Stone, continues the magic, adventure, romance, and spiritual journey of Angelterra and her friends!


Vision Dream Series is a Fantasy saga written by
Robert Clifton Storey Jr 

The Vision Dream Series is an epic fantasy saga that follows Princess Angelterra on her quest to liberate her conquered homeland of Palzintine from the tyrannical sorcerer Shutharja. Guided by a prophetic vision dream, Angelterra embarks on a perilous journey across mythical realms to gather powerful relics and artifacts that can help defeat the evil sorcerer.

In Flight of the Vessel, the first book, Angelterra’s desire for vengeance evolves into a sacred crusade intertwined with romance, spirituality and magic. As forbidden love blossoms with an enigmatic wizard, she suspects this bond may unlock the key to her powers and her people’s salvation.

The following books chronicle Angelterra’s epic adventures as she navigates treacherous landscapes, confronts celestial prophecies, and battles the eternal struggle between light and darkness. From heroes and warriors to unlikely allies and star-crossed lovers, a tapestry of storylines converges in an ultimate quest to vanquish Shutharja’s unholy forces.

Filled with gripping battles, high-stakes quests, and profound spiritual themes, the Vision Dream Series takes readers on an imaginative, genre-spanning adventure. For fantasy fans seeking epic world-building, magical wonders and transcendent tales of faith, sacrifice and the enduring power of love against adversity, join Angelterra’s crusade to the final triumph over evil.


No profanity, no sexually explicit  scenes, some violence, battle violence

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