Daughters of Thine Lesser Evil – Paperback


Daughters of Thine Lesser EvilFinding herself transported to a strange land, can she still discover the meaning behind the riddle instructing her to find a way to harness the power from mingling the light and dark hearts of magic?

Princess Angelterra, and her knight and trusted friend, Jeela, find themselves being hunted as prizes by several nefarious groups in a far away land. With the help of an attractive rogue wizard, his young companion, and a local elder monk, she sets off on a treacherous journey to find a way to return to her homeland…and her people. Soon, she and her companions stumble into the clutches of a formidable commander of the high sorcerer, Shutharja, in a horrible place devoid of all life called the Devil’s Forest. Little did she know that this terrible encounter was to play a vital role in helping her solve the riddle revealed to her in the prophetic Vision Dream.



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Daughters of Thine Lesser Evil, the second installment of the Vision Dream Series also follows the exploits of several groups of allies located in several separate parts of this world as they all attempt to do their part in pushing back against the evil Shutharja…including:

Budding Love, Ancient Power: The struggles of two awkward, preteen wizards to learn a way to unleash the true power of an ancient spell by somehow tapping into their budding love for one another…

A Sailor’s Deadly Course: Angelterra’s former childhood love must sail his tiny three-ship armada directly into the heart of the enemy’s massive fleet on a suicide mission to destroy the world’s most unholy relic…


Daughters of Thine Lesser Evil - creature

Part Two of the Vision Dream Series by Robert Clifton Storey Jr.

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