Did you see it?



Did you see it?
by Robert Clifton Storey Jr


Did you see it?

I missed it completely.
And now you’re gone.
Without a word, without a song.

We laughed in the spring rain,
Behind, we left all our pain.
We danced before the brilliant sun,
We were together then, you were the one.

Now my hope’s abandoned me,
Alone here on this dark, rain-soaked road.
Wipers beating back and forth as my heart once did.
My brain is searing hot, cause I lost the bid.
While the cold steel pressed against my head,
Tries to offer its cooling relief instead.

Some say ‘put it all behind you.’
Some insist ‘she’s not worth it.’
Some argue ‘life’s worth living.’
But is it, without you?

Must remember the times we ran,
At the shore where our toes found the sand.
We danced in the waves, life was fun.
We were together then, you were the one.

My hand shakes, thinking of my mistakes.
Trigger squeezes easily, a bullet takes life greedily.
No. Life supposed to be more important than you.
But is that really true?
I must, I must remember back to when,
We were together then, you were the—